Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do you start the day with the right mindset to make the sale?

I've noticed that some of the salespeople that I talk to don't start their day in a way that will help them with their business. I say their business, even though they may work for someone else, but that's a topic I will discuss in a later post. Below are a few points on how to start your day right to ensure that you have the best possible chance of making the sales you need to make today.

1. Leave your worries at the door. Don't take your worries and stresses from home to work with you. I know this can be a difficult thing, but you aren't helping yourself if you happen to have some negative feelings or worries bottled up inside yourself. Take a moment to tell yourself that you need a positive outlook and you need to be happy and excited about what you are doing. You don't want to be thinking about whatever worries you may have so when you leave the house, they will stay there; don't worry, they will be there when you get back, but at least you don't have to focus on them when you can't do much or anything at all about it.

2. Feed your brain the right food in the morning. I don't mean what you actually eat, instead I'm talking about the types of information you are putting in your head. If you normally watch the news in the morning, stop. Ok, maybe you should watch some of the sports channels if you have clients that like to talk about sports, but don't feed your mind all of the negative and depressing stories that are typical of the news. If you do watch the news, make it at night, after you have had a super productive day of meetings with clients and lots of sales.

3. Are you constantly learning? You should be feeding your brain new information every day on sales techniques. I know many salespeople who get up an hour early just so that they read a book on sales or information on the products that they sell. This starts their day right with the motivation to achieve more and feel more confident in the products that they sell, and their ability to talk intelligently about the products or services they represent.

Think about your routines in the morning. Are they inline with what you want out of your day and your life?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm back and coming with all new content

I've been away for a long time. I'm sorry about that. I've been busy building my businesses and learning new techniques on how to make money and do better in sales both on the street and on the internet.

I'm going to be sharing many of these tips with all of you so stay tuned as you are going to find a whole lot of things that you thought you knew to be backwards from what you want to do.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make Money Online-Now Is The Time

If you have ever thought about making money online from home, then there is no better time then now! Do you want to have a better life then you do now? Are you sick of working for someone else? Would you like to make as much money in a week as you do in a month? Sure, we all do, but is there really a way to do this online.


It is not a pipe dream to make serious amounts of money from home, online and at the times that you want to. Just think about all the people who are online these days. Millions and millions of people each day are surfing the web and many of them are looking for either products to buy or they are looking for answers to problems and questions that they have. If you can either provide a product or a solution to someone else's problems, then you will make a lot of money online. It really is a simple as that. The numbers don't lie. Look at eBay, Amazon.com, or many other places to buy goods online. They are making millions by selling online, and you can too.

I doesn't take a genius to be able to make money online and sell products or solutions to people. You just need to find a target market that wants what you have to sell. This is the biggest secret that most people don't know about when trying to start an online business or just trying to make some money online. If you have to sell the product or solution to someone then you are in the wrong place for your product or solution. You need to be in the market where people have the need to already want your product. You don't need to show up and then try to sell what you have. You just need to show up and with what they need and they will be wiling to buy.

A good example is someone who gets headaches, bad, and wants to get rid of them. If you show up with a book on how to stop headaches, you will have to sell this book to those people. They don't want to read about how to get rid of their headaches. They want to buy a solution to get rid of their headaches. Now if you were to show up with a pill that gets rid of headaches forever...well you've just made your first million. People will line up left and right to buy what you have and you didn't have to try to sell your product at all. This was only an example, but you should get the idea that have exactly what people need, now, is the single best way to make your first million dollars online.

Do the research and find out what the people want and then give it to them. Think about what you already know about and what people need. It's a good place to start, then expand out from there.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Naked chick playing piano on youtube

I thought that the XXX sex sites were out on youtube. Then I happen to see on the first page of youtube.com that there is a lady naked ready for sex and in stockings playing the piano.

What's next, symbains and naked college girls or teens having sex? I'm not liking where this youtube thing is going. Or is it going to be hardcore porn, bondage, and more?

I think that youtube needs to be a little more selective in what they allow on their site.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

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Monday, November 05, 2007

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